Switch to Savings Program Reduces Summer Bills

When the demand for electricity peaks in the summer, Jackson EMC pays a premium to supply extra power to our customers. By reducing energy requirements during these peak periods through the Switch to Savings program, we can control the high cost of producing electricity in the summer and pass those savings on to you in the form of lower monthly electric bills.

When you enroll in this program, we install a free switching device on your central air conditioning system that works a lot like a thermostat. On hot summer days when electric use is at its peak, a Jackson EMC radio signal activates the switch and temporarily shuts off your central air conditioner compressor for about seven minutes.* The system's fan inside your home continues to run, circulating the air. The switch then turns the compressor back on and normal air conditioning resumes — all without any noticeable disruption in your comfort. Cycling continues about each half hour until the peak demand situation passes.

Participants in the Switch to Savings program receive credits on their electric bill during the summer months, July through September. The total amount of your credit will be determined by the electric demand we are able to control on your central air conditioner. Typically, Switch to Savings participants help us save about 5 kW a month, yielding a credit of $4.37 each month or $17 for the summer.

More than 45,000 switches are already in operation, saving an average of nearly a million kilowatt hours of energy each summer and producing more than three-quarters of a million dollars in savings for program participants.

Contact your local Jackson EMC office to sign up for Switch to Savings, and help conserve energy while you reduce your power bill.

    *On extremely hot days, the switch may operate for a slightly longer time.